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Thermal Barrier Coatings Onto Exhausts Systems

INTRODUCTION: Thermal Barrier Coatings (TBCs) are ceramic materials which are widely used on modern aero engines and land based turbines. They can also be applied to vehicle exhausts, turbocharger casings, heat shields and other vehicle components to reduce heat transfer and improve vehicle performance. Heat soak from hot exhaust systems transfers into other vehicle components […]

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Metallisation Equipment Protecting Fishing Boats

Metallisation’s thermal spraying equipment has been protecting a diverse range of surfaces, structures and vessels for over ninety years and continues to be the chosen solution for many industry sectors. A recent project has yet again proven the longevity of thermal sprayed surfaces. Parkol Marine Engineering, based in Whitby, has recently applied a thermal sprayed […]

Coating: Arc sprayed zinc
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SciTeeX Installs Grit Blasting and Paint Room Facilities at Fluorocarbon Surface Technologies Ltd

Metallisation’s collaboration with SciTeeX S.p. z.o.o. has yet again resulted in a hugely successful project installation. Metallisation and SciTeeX have been working together for over twelve years and have recently completed a major blast and spray room project for Fluorocarbon Surface Technologies Ltd. The SciTeeX Group The SciTeeX Group has been active in the surface […]

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Equipment Specification ARC145/S245(16)-CL Arc Spray System

TYPICAL ARC SPRAY SYSTEM CONFIGURATIONS Pictured below is a range of typical system configurations. Variations of these configurations may be possible. Contact Metallisation to discuss your specific application requirements. Introduction to our ARC145/S245(16)-CL Arcspray systems The following specification covers the standard range of ARC145/S245(16)-CL Arcspray systems. For the specific offer, please refer to a detailed […]

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Metallisation Arcbeam spray concentrator.

Metallisation equipment is used around the globe on a daily basis to protect various structures and substrates from corrosion. One recent project saw the Metallisation Arcbeam spray concentrator used successfully at a Middle Eastern oil refinery. Metallisation’s customer, Anti Corrosion Protective Systems (APS), based in Dubai, has been using Metallisation Arcspray equipment for over twenty […]

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Sprayseal range of capillary action penetrating sealers

Introduction to SPRAYSEAL This New Product Update is a brief introduction to a new product that has been introduced into the Metallisation product range. Please contact your sales co-ordinator for more details. Background Sealers are commonly used to seal the porosity of thermal spray coatings, both engineering and anti-corrosion coatings. As a generalisation, a lot […]

Coating: Sealers are commonly used to seal the porosity of thermal spray coatings, both engineering and anti-corrosion coatings. As a generalisation, a lot of corrosion coatings (like zinc or aluminium) are just sealed with commonly available paints or paint-based sealers.
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Metallisation and SciTeeX Deliver Successful Turnkey HVOF Project

Metallisation and SciTeeX Deliver Successful Turnkey HVOF Project Metallisation Ltd and SciTeeX S.p. z.o.o., have recently completed a major HVOF turnkey project with B&B Coatings. Metallisation has been providing thermal spray solutions around the globe for over 90 years. SciTeeX Group, has been active in the surface treatment industry since 1992 and today is an […]

Coating: HVOF Thermal spray coatings, WC, Stellite, Inconel
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HVOF Engineering Applications

High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) coatings HVOF is a high energy thermal spray process which produces dense, strong coatings of cermets and metals which give excellent performance in demanding, aggressive, wear and corrosive environments. HVOF coatings are an important part of advanced surface engineering which enable us to salvage and improve components. This enables machinery […]

Coating: High Velocity Oxygen Fuelled spray coatings.
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Laser Cladding for Critical Component Repair – Duplex Stainless Steel

Introduction     Laser cladding, a process that falls into the range of hard-facing solutions, can be used to increase corrosion resistance, wear resistance or impact performance of metallic components, using a method of applying a fully dense, metallurgically bonded and virtually pure coating.   Laser cladding can be used across a diverse range of […]

Coating: Dense, metallurgically bonded and virtually pure coating.
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Metallisation Launches New HVOF System

This is the latest development in its range of liquid or gas fuelled High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) systems. The new Met-PCC HVOF system retains all of the simple control and operator interface features of the previous HVOF system and is available in two versions: The Met-PCC HVOF-L (liquid fuel), and the Met-PCC HVOF-G (gas […]

Coating: HVOF
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