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application Metallisation Arcbeam spray concentrator.

Metallisation equipment is used around the globe on a daily basis to protect various structures and substrates from corrosion. One recent project saw the Metallisation Arcbeam spray concentrator used successfully at a Middle Eastern oil refinery. Metallisation’s customer, Anti Corrosion Protective Systems (APS), based in Dubai, has been using Metallisation Arcspray equipment for over twenty […]

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application Iris NV Expands Use of TSA Coatings and Metal Spraying for Refinery Vessel

Metallisation customer, Iris NV, based in Belgium, has expanded its use of metal spraying and purchased additional Metallisation equipment to accommodate this expansion. Iris was founded in 1946 as an industrial painting company specialising in the treatment of gas pipes, electrical stations, high tension networks and power pylons. Iris NV The services offered by Iris […]

Coating: Aluminium (TSA)
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application Automated Metal Spraying at Laguna Verde Nuclear Power Plant Veracruz, Mexico

Metallisation customer, Lainsa, based in Mexico and part of Grupo Dominguis, provides metal spraying for corrosion protection of pipes used to exchange and transport dry water vapour in thermoelectric, conventional and nuclear power plants. Metal Spraying for Corrosion Protection of Pipes The application of metal spraying is critical, as the circulation of dry steam at […]

Coating: Stainless and Nickel Steels
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application Flogas Brings Corrosion Protection In-house

Flogas UK Ltd, one of the UK’s largest LPG suppliers, has moved the application of its corrosion protection of LPG bottles to its in-house facility at Staveley. Using Metallisation’s Arcspray 528 Systems, which they have recently purchased, they can spray around 4,000 bottles per week.   The facility at Staveley has been updated and, with […]

Coating: Zinc
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application Polish LPG Bottles Protected by Metallisation Equipment

Vitkovice Milmet S.A. is the only manufacturer of LPG bottles in Poland and has recently purchased three Metallisation Arcspray 528E production metal spraying systems. The steel cylinders, which are mainly used for Propane and Butane gas, are produced from scratch at the company’s site in Sosnowiec and, as with all steel items, are prone to […]

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application Using TSA to Protect Pipelines from Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)

In the petrochemical industry Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) in pipeline systems consumes a significant percentage of the maintenance budget. A large portion of this money is spent on expensive items such as external piping inspection, insulation removal and re-installation, painting and pipe replacements. CUI prevention strategies provide long term and reliable prevention of CUI that […]

Coating: TSA (Thermal Sprayed Aluminium)
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application HVOF Alternatives to Hard Chrome Plating

Introduction to HVOF Alternatives to Hard Chrome Plating Chrome plating has been accepted and used for many years to provide hard wearing surfaces, however; American environmental legislation as forced the closure of many, many US plating contractors. To continue legal operations, those US contractors that have wished to remain in business have had to make […]

Coating: 99408 Fe/Cr/Mo, 99325 Ni/Cr/Bi/Si, 99735 Wc/Co17%, 99745 Wc/Co/Cr
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application Zinc spraying of ductile iron pipes

Introduction Over the last 40 years in Europe, the ductile iron pipe has progressively replaced the grey iron pipe. The manufacturers of ductile iron pipe world-wide are now looking to give their customers a 50 year guaranteed life on their pipes. One of the main factors which will determine the life of ductile iron pipe […]

Coating: Arcspray 02E (Zn)
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application Comparison of metal spraying with painting

Painting is a widely used method of protecting steelwork (and other materials) from corrosion. Most paints are organic (polymer) bases with added metal particles, corrosion inhibiting compounds or inert filler materials. They may be applied by dipping, brushing or spraying to suitably prepared (grit blasted) surfaces. Protective paint systems are multi-layer comprising a priming coat, […]

Coating: N/a
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application Comparison of metal spraying with electro plating

The most common method is deposition from aqueous solutions, many of which are toxic. During electro plating, water decomposes and hydrogen is deposited at the surface being plated. This will cause embrittlement of high strength steels unless they are heat treated immediately after plating. This is only partially effective in reversing the damage. Electro deposition […]

Coating: N/a
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