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application HVOF Engineering Applications

High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) coatings HVOF is a high energy thermal spray process which produces dense, strong coatings of cermets and metals which give excellent performance in demanding, aggressive, wear and corrosive environments. HVOF coatings are an important part of advanced surface engineering which enable us to salvage and improve components. This enables machinery […]

Coating: High Velocity Oxygen Fuelled spray coatings.
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application Laser Cladding for Critical Component Repair – Duplex Stainless Steel

Introduction     Laser cladding, a process that falls into the range of hard-facing solutions, can be used to increase corrosion resistance, wear resistance or impact performance of metallic components, using a method of applying a fully dense, metallurgically bonded and virtually pure coating.   Laser cladding can be used across a diverse range of […]

Coating: Dense, metallurgically bonded and virtually pure coating.
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Metallisation Launches New Laser Cladding System
application Metallisation Launches New Laser Cladding System

Metallisation has launched a new laser cladding system, MET-CLAD, which has further enhanced Metallisation’s diverse range of surface coating equipment. Laser cladding, a process that falls into the range of hard- facing solutions, can be used to increase corrosion resistance, wear resistance or impact performance of metallic components, using a method of applying a fully […]

Coating: The laser cladding process utilises a precisely focused high power laser beam to create a tightly controlled weld pool into which a metallic powder is applied.
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application Introduction to Thermal Spray and Engineering Applications

What is Thermal Spraying?   Thermal spraying is a technology which improves or restores the surface of a solid material. The process can be used to apply coatings to a wide range of materials and components, to provide resistance to: Wear, erosion, cavitation, corrosion, abrasion or heat. Thermal spraying is also used to provide electrical […]

Coating: Various steel and ceramic coating materials
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application Automated Metal Spraying at Laguna Verde Nuclear Power Plant Veracruz, Mexico

Metallisation customer, Lainsa, based in Mexico and part of Grupo Dominguis, provides metal spraying for corrosion protection of pipes used to exchange and transport dry water vapour in thermoelectric, conventional and nuclear power plants. Metal Spraying for Corrosion Protection of Pipes The application of metal spraying is critical, as the circulation of dry steam at […]

Coating: Stainless and Nickel Steels
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application Metallisation Pistol Control Console (PCC)

Plasma Technology Incorporated (PTI) is so impressed with the Metallisation Pistol Control Console (PCC), the company has purchased seven units and is planning to add a further seven units in 2012. The Metallisation PCC has enabled PTI to enhance the spray capabilities of its HVOF spray systems. Plasma Technology Incorporated Impressed with Metallisation’s PCC The […]

Coating: Tungsten Carbide Cobalt Chrome (WC/Co/Cr)
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application Backing nickel electroforms

INTRODUCTION  Nickel electroforms are extensively used as tools for injection moulded plastics. Whilst they give excellent service, their production is slow and costly. In some cases, tool distortion may be caused by the high residual plating stresses. For these reasons, the Metallisation spraying processes have been adopted to reinforce thin electroformed shells to produce tools […]

Coating: Bond Coat 75E Ni/Al or T405/1 Main Deposit 05E Copper or 60E 13% Chrome Steel
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application Metal spray moulds in the shoe industry

INTRODUCTION  Due to the rise in costs of producing a pair of shoe sole moulds using the conventional methods of casting or engraving, metalspray moulds have increased in popularity over the past decade. By using the Metallisation Arcspray Process of Mould Manufacture, it is possible to produce a pair of shoe sole moulds in two […]

Coating: 24E Zinc Alloy
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application Manufacture of Sprayed Metal Moulds

INTRODUCTION  The Metallisation Metal Spraying Process is in increasing use today for the manufacture of low cost moulds and tools for the plastics foundry and other industries. In this process, metal in the form of a molten spray, is deposited on to a suitable pattern; the spray solidifies immediately on the surface to produce a […]

Coating: 02E Zinc, 21E Zinc/Al, 24E Zinc Alloy, 07E 70/30 Tin/Zinc, 01E Aluminium, 05E Copper, 13E 70/30 Brass, 15E Phosphor Bronze
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application Plasma reinforced coating system for cookware

Introduction to Plasma Sprayed Ceramic Coating The application of Plasma sprayed ceramic 99216 as a reinforced coating has been proven to increases the working life of many types of cookware. Even above that achieved by Arcsprayed Stainless Steel (LE-WR-002). By producing a thin Plasma sprayed layer the fluoropolymer coating penetrates the sprayed surface. This produces […]

Coating: 99216 AlO2 / TiO2 Ceramic Powder
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