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application Automatic Aluminium Spraying on Riser Pipes

Metallisation’s Arcspray 528 equipment has proved to be a business success for Gemini Corrosion Services Ltd of Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire. Gemini purchased a turnkey package of pipe manipulation equipment and two Arcspray 528 systems last year and has seen a number of improvements resulting in benefits to the customer and to the environment. Gemini Corrosion Services […]

Coating: Aluminium (TSA)
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application Off Shore Oil Platform Protected by Thermal Sprayed Aluminium (TSA) Coating Solution

Metallisation customer, Gardwell Coatings Limited, based in East Anglia, has applied Thermal Sprayed Aluminium (TSA) to an offshore oil platform to protect the structure from corrosion, using Metallisation MK73 flame spray equipment. Gardwell Coatings Limited   The off shore oil platform has been designed and constructed by SLP Engineering the UKs most experienced EP(I)C company. […]

Coating: Aluminium (TSA)
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application Metallisation Has Launched a New Durable Non-slip Coating

Metallisation Ltd has launched a new durable non-slip coating. 28E ARCTEC coating is ideal for use on steel floors, decks and panels across diverse industries, from train steps to oil platforms. Protection Steel Floors, Decks and Panels Untreated these steel surfaces can become very slippery, especially in wet conditions, and are prone to corrosion. To […]

Coating: 28E Arctec non-slip coating
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application Woof Develops Plasma Ceramic Coatings Range

Metallisation customer, Woof Thermal Management Technology, has applied well proven plasma ceramic coatings technology to high performance automotive applications, to provide highly effective thermal barriers in extreme conditions. Metallisation Ceramic Coatings Woof Thermal Management Technology, based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, provides premium specialist coatings and engineering services to industry and end users. The plasma ceramic […]

Coating: Plasma applied ceramics
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application Flogas Brings Corrosion Protection In-house

Flogas UK Ltd, one of the UK’s largest LPG suppliers, has moved the application of its corrosion protection of LPG bottles to its in-house facility at Staveley. Using Metallisation’s Arcspray 528 Systems, which they have recently purchased, they can spray around 4,000 bottles per week.   The facility at Staveley has been updated and, with […]

Coating: Zinc
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application Polish LPG Bottles Protected by Metallisation Equipment

Vitkovice Milmet S.A. is the only manufacturer of LPG bottles in Poland and has recently purchased three Metallisation Arcspray 528E production metal spraying systems. The steel cylinders, which are mainly used for Propane and Butane gas, are produced from scratch at the company’s site in Sosnowiec and, as with all steel items, are prone to […]

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application Using TSA to Protect Pipelines from Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)

In the petrochemical industry Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) in pipeline systems consumes a significant percentage of the maintenance budget. A large portion of this money is spent on expensive items such as external piping inspection, insulation removal and re-installation, painting and pipe replacements. CUI prevention strategies provide long term and reliable prevention of CUI that […]

Coating: TSA (Thermal Sprayed Aluminium)
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application Metallisation MK73 uses Thermal Sprayed Aluminium (TSA) to Protect Offshore Oil Platforms From Corrosion

Metallisation flamespray equipment has been used to protect a BP Clair Ridge offshore oil platform from corrosion. The 168 metre high platform will be installed in the North Sea west of the Shetland Isles. Clair Ridge jackets have seven storage tanks, two drill water tanks and a base oil tank, in the Drilling Production (DP) […]

Coating: Aluminium
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application Metallisation’s 28E ARCTEC Non-slip Coating

Metallisation’s durable non-slip coating, 28E ARCTEC, is a reinforced aluminium based non-slip coating. It is ideal for use in pedestrian and industrial flooring areas, bridge decks, escalators, steel floors and panels across a range of diverse industries. Untreated steel surfaces can become very slippery, especially in wet conditions, and are prone to corrosion. To ensure […]

Coating: 28E Arctec non-slip
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application Thermal Spraying Equipment Providing Engineering Coatings

Thermal Spraying Equipment Providing Engineering Coatings   Thermal sprayed coatings have been a recognised and trusted solution for engineering coatings in the aerospace industry for many years. Metallisation has been providing thermal spraying advice, training, support, equipment and consumables to a diverse range of industries around the world, including the aerospace industry, since 1922. Stringent […]

Coating: Various engineering coatings (steels, ceramics)
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