The following pages show a small selection of the many and varied metal spraying applications. You can filter the applications on the left hand side or search for keywords that may relate to your application, e.g. LPG or Steel. Further applications can be seen in the Blog and Press section as well as the Video section.

application The reclamation of clutch pressure plate faces

Introduction Clutch pressure plate casting faces have been reclaimed by the arcspray process for well over 10 years, on a fully commercial basis, by clutch re-manufacturing specialists. In use, the clutch pressure plate will wear and form heat cracking on its operative face taking it below acceptable tolerance. By using the Metallisation arcspray process the […]

Coating: Arcspray 79E (Ichrome) / 45E (High Carbon Steel)
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application The reclamation of clutch diaphragms springs

Introduction During use, the clutch diaphragm spring will wear on its tip ends at the point where it comes into constant contact with the thrust bearing. The clutch diaphragm spring in itself is not particularly an expensive item, however, the labour involved in removing the old spring from its housing then replacing it with new […]

Coating: Flamespray 99E Molybdenum
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application Thermal spraying of piston rings

  INTRODUCTION  A piston is defined as a ‘cylindrical piece moving to and fro in a hollow cylinder as in engines or pumps’. To seal the gases during the compression and work strokes of an engine, piston rings are used to provide an effective seal as well as preventing excessive lubrication oil from reaching the […]

Coating: Flame & Plasmasprayed Molybdenum based coatings
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application Ships radar masts
Coating: Zinc - Flame or Arc
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