MK74 Powder Flame

  • Overview

    Weighing only 1.85kg (4Lb), the Metallisation MK74 powder spray pistol can be hand held or machine mounted to spray a wide range of powders. Its robust construction will ensure long periods of trouble-free operation.

    The MK74 is easy to ignite and has excellent flame stability, thanks to its nozzle system. A special air cap narrows the spray pattern to densify the coating which is particularly beneficial when spraying ceramics where very high deposit efficiencies can be achieved.

    The MK74 can spray ceramic coatings as well as self fluxing alloys and all other metallic powders.

  • Key Applications
    • Small engineering repairs
    • Spray/fused coatings
    • Shaft reclamation
    • Self fluxing alloys for extremewear applications
    • Glass mould plungers
    • Steel mill table rolls
  • Key Features
    • High deposit efficiency
    • Dense coatings
    • Quiet operation
    • Sprays ceramics and metals
    • Simple to use
    • Suitable for spray/fuse coatings
    • Powder vibrator option for poor flowing powders
    • Optional remote powder feeder
    • Can spray some plastics
    • Economic coatings
  • Download & Specifications


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