• Overview
    Metallisation are able to offer mass flow control systems that can operate Metallisation pistols, powder feeders and power supply (for the Plasma systems) as well as other commonly used industrial components. Metallisation PCC (Pistol Control Console) is divided into three options
    1. HVOF – Gas fuel control system, for pistols such as Diamond Jet, Jetkote etc.
    2. HVOF – Liquid fuel control system, for pistols such as JP5000, Wokajet etc.
    3. PLASMA – 50 or 80 Kw operation, for pistols such SG100, 9MB, F4, F1 etc.
    A Metallisation PCC system can allow a mixture of systems to be linked through one Touch screen HMI display; for example an HVOF system operating a JP5000 can also have a Plasma system linked to it operating a 9MB or SG100 pistol.
    Powder feeders such as the 9MP-DJ or 1264 can also be incorporated allowing existing equipment to be used with a new control system.
    Some existing power supplies may also be used in the Plasma configuration, others may be limited in their integration.
    Please contact Metallisation for a detailed discussion about your exact requirements.
  • Key Applications

    Control of non-Metallisation HVOF and Plasma Pistols

  • Key Features

    Simplified repeatable control of various pistols HVOF – JP5000, DiamondJet, Jetkote… Plasma – 9MB, SG100, F4, F1…

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