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Leading the Battle Against Rust
video Leading the Battle Against Rust

Examples of corrosion protection with both ARC and Flame Spray Systems on a variety of substrates.

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ARC145 System Specification Video
video ARC145 System Specification Video
Video specification outlining the Metallisation ARC145 twin wire arc spray machine. Details the features and benefits of the system and covers a brief introduction to some typical thermal spray applications.
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HVOF Turnkey Installation at B&B Coatings Ltd
video HVOF Turnkey Installation at B&B Coatings Ltd
HVOF turnkey blast and spray facility
This video gives an overview of a turnkey blast and HVOF thermal spray installation, installed at B&B Coatings Ltd in Yorkshire, UK.
The project was the result of a co-operation between SciTeeX in Poland and Metallisation Ltd to supply a blast room, HVOF spray room, extraction, robot and MET-PCC(HVOF-L) liquid fuel HVOF system.
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Met-Clad Laser Cladding
video Met-Clad Laser Cladding
An introduction to the laser cladding process and the Metallisation MET-CLAD laser cladding system
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Deflected arcspray extension
video Deflected arcspray extension
ARC140 deflected extension in use to spray internal bores
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Metallisation METJET-4L HVOF
video Metallisation METJET-4L HVOF
Introduction to the Metallisation METJET-4L HVOF system.
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MK74-PC Powder flame
video MK74-PC Powder flame
An introduction to the MK74-PC fully automatic powder flame spray system
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