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Metallisation Product Overview
video Metallisation Product Overview
A general overview of the Metallisation process and product range covering flamespray, arcspray, plasma spray and HVOF systems plus turnkey automation.
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Flamespray process
video Flamespray process
Introduction to the flamespray process
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TSA (Thermal Sprayed Aluminium) for CUI
video TSA (Thermal Sprayed Aluminium) for CUI
TSA is applied by the flame spray process using a Metallisation MK73 system with long supplies package to assist in accessing hard to reach areas.
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Metallisation Deflected flamespray extension
video Metallisation Deflected flamespray extension
Metallisation MK73 fitted with a deflected flame spray extension to apply metallic coatings to hard to access areas.
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TSA on SLP offshore oil platform
video TSA on SLP offshore oil platform
Thermal Spray Aluminium (TSA) applied to offshore oil platform with Metallisation MK73 long supplies pack systems.
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Car body repairs
video Car body repairs
Using the Thermal spray process to repair car body panels.
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Historical steel production
video Historical steel production
An aged video showing old, but still relevant, coatings applied in the steel industry in the 1970’s.  Many of these applications are still applicable today.
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Forth road bridge coating
video Forth road bridge coating
Footage of Metallisation Zinc Coating The Forth Road Bridge by Metal Spraying.
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TSA footbridge
video TSA footbridge
Flamespray TSA applied on a footbrige
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MK74-PC Powder flame
video MK74-PC Powder flame
An introduction to the MK74-PC fully automatic powder flame spray system
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